North Tyneside Coalition of Disabled People is an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. Officers and Executive Management Committee Members have executive voting rights and are made up exclusively of disabled people.

The Executive Management Committee meet a minimum of four times per year to discuss and evaluate the development process and to monitor financial control to ensure that targets are met and that the long term objectives of empowering and supporting disabled people can be maintained.

Steering groups and specific development committees are formed or supported to drive specific issues forward with the Coalition establishing the necessary infrastructural mechanisms to be able to support such undertakings when and where needed and at whatever level is required.

The organisation has within its constitution, the ability to appoint Co-opted Members from external agencies like the local authority or the health sector and second representatives in an advisory capacity. This enables the Coalition to plan activities and tap into the most appropriate support to meet the needs of the disabled community in North Tyneside.

Access to Services :
  • Referrals from individuals,
  • Referrals from social and health service providers and private sector organisations, and
  • Networked structures with affiliated groups and organisations.


The Coalition has acquired and produced information, fact sheets, reports, periodicals and presentation material dealing with a wide range of issues relating to disability.

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