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British Sign Language (BSL) is a recognised language and many deaf young people use it every day, but can't study it at GCSE.

BSL is used by lots of people in the UK but courses are hard to find and learning it can be expensive. Deaf children and young people are really passionate about learning BSL and although it is a recognised language, it can't be taken as a GCSE option as there is no exam course.

Our Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB), a group of 16 deaf young people from all over the UK, are campaigning for a BSL GCSE so they can learn it at school. If you agree, sign our petition.

Thousands of deaf young people use BSL every day and teaching it in schools would help young people to make friends and break down barriers. At the start of this year over 2000 young people - deaf and hearing - took our survey about BSL and 97% thought sign language should be a subject taught in schools.

Lots of young people felt that learning BSL would help them later in their lives. One young person said that universities would appreciate the fact that they had made an effort to learn the language. Another young person felt it would remove negative stereotypes about deaf people.

Deaf and hearing young people should have the right to learn sign language and take it as a GCSE.

For more information and / or to sign the petition, please visit the National Deaf Children’s Society website at :-


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